Artsy Pantsy – Fake It Till You Make It

I can picture Michelangelo laughing. Yes, laughing at me.


My friend had the opportunity to see Michelangelo’s 14 ft marble masterpiece depicting the Biblical hero, David. Let’s just say, we’ll never hear the end of it. ūüėÄ But really, from the pictures, and all the tales from her trip to Italy, that fellow’s work was spectacular! Continue reading


Hello 2015!

It is here with us. I hope you bye-Feliciad 2014 and are ready for new challenges (yes, all those things in your to-do lists…I sure hope you will follow through).¬†Remember how we thought 2030 was kingdom come? We are getting there. Fast! The days are literally flying by. Soon enough we will be out of these njaanuary manenos. Phewks!

I stumbled on this blog post and at that point, the idea of blogging about these was exciting. Now,  I am not so sure. What do you think?


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2014 – ‘Bye Felicia’

This is not like a bad ‘Bye Felicia‘. It is a good one. That I am happy to let go of 2014 knowing that I have grown. Grown up. Growing old happens by default. Growing up;¬†it takes special talent. I kid you not! It is a mix of plenty of mistakes, sitting in your own naughty corner and having time out in your head, reflecting, being responsible for all your actions,¬†taking in¬†the highs and the lows… the whole shebang!

I took my usual cathartic¬†solo trip¬†mid-year. ¬†It was a defining moment for me. When I came back, I threw myself into this little place I call home and I love every bit of it. I look at some of the seasoned writers on these streets and can’t help but think at times that¬†my blog ‘looks like a doodle’. ¬†No offence to all toddlers out there. ūüôā Continue reading

Lord Egerton’s Castle – Adventures In Kenyaland II

A story is told, of a man who out of love and lots of passion, went through hell and high water to impress one lady to whom he wished to become engaged. No, there is no happily ever after. The man is left bitterly spurned. Oh the things that love makes us do!

This is the story of Lord Maurice Egerton Tatton, the fourth and last Baron Egerton of Tatton (1874 ‚Äď 1958).

After our tummies were full, we headed out. About 14 kilometres from Nakuru town, lying on a 100-acre piece of land, stands this magnificent, architectural masterpiece set on expansive, lush lawns.

Lord_Egerton sign

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Mida Creek Sundowner Dhow Ride – The Real Utamu

So much has been happening. My peoples¬†are getting married (congratulations Ann, your wedding was just the one!), baby shower invites nearly every weekend,¬†engagement shoots flooding my timeline etcetera etcetera.¬†Well, I am just here sipping Dasani. This is the beauty of life. Enjoying every step of your journey, celebrating your milestones and joining your peoples when they mark theirs. We tend to compare our journey with others,¬†yet we know that He who orchestrates all this has a grand¬†plan for each and everyone of us. Besides, I cannot begin to think how mundane it would be if all our stories were similar.¬†Jeez! Who would read my blog because technically then, we would all be writing? ūüėÄ

I really needed to pause (thank the heavens for off-days) for a minute and take it all in… My journey that is :). My routine this week has been eat, sleep, rŐ∂aŐ∂vŐ∂eŐ∂ ¬†sleep some more, repeat. Oh, and also trying to figure out where the days are flying to.

All that aside. Remember my visit to this amazing place in Watamu? This sundowner dhow ride was yet another one of my greatest moments down at the Coast. Our team had had a busy day and only assembled at the Turtle Bay Resort, Watamu, at around 5.00 p.m, which was actually a tad late for the sundowner. The very helpful lady at the reception lounge helped us to our waiting vans. The creek is about a 10 minutes drive away from the resort so it was a pretty short drive.

I always try to lose myself totally when travelling or trying out a new place.

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Medina Palms – A Taste Of Paradise

The beauty about travel is that it makes you realise that you know so little. There is SO much to see, learn and take in.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Gustave Flaubert

There are very many beautiful places in Kenya and it is unfortunate that, at times, the closest that we’ll ever get to these places is the photo gallery slideshows¬†on¬†the interwebs. I am grateful¬†I got to visit some of these places this week. I visited the Medina Palms Resort ¬†earlier this week and I am yet to get over¬†the beauty of this place.


Medina Palms…inspired destination

The website¬†(which I honestly¬†think does not do justice to the beauty of the place) says “Medina Palms is an inspired destination created to redefine your ultimate holiday experience.” No bluff there. Trust me! Continue reading

A Monochrome L.O.V.E.

When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls!¬†‚Äē Ted Grant
This post is not about photography. Scratch that. It actually is. I love black and white. The contrast. The definition. Two mutually exclusive alternatives. I have also been wanting to do a wall gallery for a long time. And with my love for monochrome, I think we all know what I have envisioned for that.
Long story short, I was up and about looking for a wedding gift for a friend and I came across this mug. It explains my life’s metaphor perfectly!

‘I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.’

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