Live. Love. Eat – When The Hunger Strikes!

After being away for far too long, I figured I would try and appease you with a food post. I can only hope it works. This entire period, I have been on a seafood diet. You’ve probably heard this one before but I have lived it for the past few months. I see food and I eat it and boy! Don’t you dare finish the last of anything in the house. World War III in the offing.

*Cues Tokyo Vanity's Best friend hook*

*Cues Tokyo Vanity’s Best friend hook*

It all started with this deep desire to bake. I had never baked before in my life. Thanks to Google and my very own guinea pig (let’s not tell The Mister I called him that), I have been feeling very Alice Taabu-ish lately. So here is what I have been up to on my seafood diet. Continue reading

Punda Milias Nakuru Camp – Adventures In ‘Kenyaland’ I

This post is long overdue. Let me give you the prelude to this story. If you are a marketer, you might understand the science behind email marketing only too well. You send out emails faithfully and pray to God that your subscribers get the gist of your message and will eventually buy into it someday. So one by one, I kept receiving emails from the very lovely people at Kichakani Sunset. Come September, I received one email saying that they would be going to two places for the price of one. The Kenyan in me checked in imminjiet!

Fast forward to the day of the trip, which by the way, was also the day I was to be travel down to Watamu. Adventures in ‘Kenyaland’ was just about to begin.


What is a morning without a cuppa?

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Biggie Turns Two – Of Rib Parties and Great Music

Big Square turned 2 last week and they threw a little shindig at their Karen branch. I got wind of this through their Instagram page and knowing how yummy Biggie ribs are, it was only right that I grace the party with my presence 🙂 .


We went to the rib party with one of my foodie friends and travel bud and this was by far one of the best nights we have had in a long time. First, because there was lots of tasty ribs and second, because the Collective* Band killed it!  That was my first time seeing them perform and they did not disappoint. The lead vocalist is quite the entertainer and she can really moooove! For a minute there we did feel very challenged.  Continue reading

Nairobi Java House, Nyali – Home Is Where The Cake Is

I don’t have a sweet tooth. Well at least that is the lie I tell myself daily. I just love cake, and where cake is, there my home shall be. Feel me?


Save for this ↑ cake, I love Java because of a number of things. The gourmet coffee, freshly prepared meals, yummy pastries, the accommodative menu, free wi-fi…etc etc. I say accommodative because you are not stuck with an option of french fries and a burger once when you get here. Continue reading

Osteria Del Chianti, Malindi

In the middle of our hustle and bustle, my colleague and I found ourselves down Vasco Da Gama road in Malindi, and decided to make a quick stop at Osteria Del Chianti to see what we could grab as we were in between meetings.


Though the patio has views of the Indian Ocean, I felt that they could do a bit more with the space. Continue reading

Pelican Lodge – A Home Away From Home

This past weekend,  I decided to head down road A104 to spend the weekend at The Pelican Lodge, a little haven tucked away on the shores of Lk. Elementaita. I wanted to get started on my drive early enough so that I could get there on time. If you have been on the A104 Nairobi – Nakuru road, you will agree that the scenic views are simply breathtaking especially when you get to View Point, just after Limuru. The steep sides and wide plains of the Rift Valley escarpment are an awe-inspiring sight!

I was not quite sure where the lodge is located. Two hours later, and about 125 km away from home, I spotted this sign. The excitement was palpable.


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Biggie Ribs

Let me start off by saying that if I was to ever own a restaurant, this would be the sign by the entrance.

Not only is it cool but also very legit


For the time that I had been going to Big Square, I had never thought of trying their ribs which, from the menu board, looked sinfully delicious! So one day, after a trip to Naivasha, my friend and I decided to give it a try. This is the best thing that happened to mankind since sliced bread! Continue reading