Live. Love. Eat – When The Hunger Strikes!

After being away for far too long, I figured I would try and appease you with a food post. I can only hope it works. This entire period, I have been on a seafood diet. You’ve probably heard this one before but I have lived it for the past few months. I see food and I eat it and boy! Don’t you dare finish the last of anything in the house. World War III in the offing.

*Cues Tokyo Vanity's Best friend hook*

*Cues Tokyo Vanity’s Best friend hook*

It all started with this deep desire to bake. I had never baked before in my life. Thanks to Google and my very own guinea pig (let’s not tell The Mister I called him that), I have been feeling very Alice Taabu-ish lately. So here is what I have been up to on my seafood diet.

  1. Yoghurt and Fruit Parfait
    Oh the wonder of colours! Don’t let the name fool you. This is so simple, you could do it with your eyes closed. All you need is fruit and yoghurt. Even better is that you can vary it as much as you want.Parfait_

    • Use a taller cooler glass instead. It gives you more room for layering and you could even add a scoop of icecream.
    • I came across these spoons that I think would work well with your tall glass of pure yumminess. I plan on getting mine today.
    • Serve with cold yoghurt. I used vanilla yoghurt because it gives a lovely contrast to the fruit colours. Health buffs will recommend natural yoghurt. You can have it either way.And now we dive straight to the not-so-healthy stuff. 😀
  2. Banana bread
    This is probably the second time I have baked this. It all started when I came across this simple banana bread recipe. I don’t own a mixer so key word as I was searching online was simple. This recipe was it for me though I still feel that I haven’t quite nailed it. Oh the life of a wannabe perfectionist!
    Banana Bread

    • You can use more bananas to make this. Life is too short to follow the rules
  3. Lemon Cake
    Earlier this week, I was going out of my mind. See, I am waiting for this little package. The spanner in the works is that I have no idea when and how it will get here. When The M suggested that we bake, I went back to…yes…good old Google! Easy lemon cake it was! The house was smelling divine when this was in the oven. The cake, though really yummy, wasn’t very well done in the middle. We removed it from the oven prematurely. I did not have self-raising flour so I made some. We also used normal sugar and melted the butter, so I’m not sure if all this affected the outcome. Definitely something I’d try again.Lemon cake


    • Your packet of baking powder has instructions on how to make ‘self-raising’ from regular flour.
    • Let the cake sit in the oven for some time as it cools off
  4. Bread Pudding
    I could eat bread all day, every day. And so I remembered a pudding I once had at About Thyme Restaurant during #NRW2015. I figured it had bread and so once more… I think by now you get the drift. I landed on two recipes – this one and this other one. I used elements from both recipes and changed up the ingredients. I used ½ cup sugar and 2 eggs. I could probably still cut down on the sugar level but it tasted pretty good. I also added a bit of coffee because… well, you know what we said about the rules.Bread pudding
    When I woke up, half the pudding was gone.
    Clearly I am not the only one on a seafood diet… 😀  See you on the next one!




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