Biggie Turns Two – Of Rib Parties and Great Music

Big Square turned 2 last week and they threw a little shindig at their Karen branch. I got wind of this through their Instagram page and knowing how yummy Biggie ribs are, it was only right that I grace the party with my presence 🙂 .


We went to the rib party with one of my foodie friends and travel bud and this was by far one of the best nights we have had in a long time. First, because there was lots of tasty ribs and second, because the Collective* Band killed it!  That was my first time seeing them perform and they did not disappoint. The lead vocalist is quite the entertainer and she can really moooove! For a minute there we did feel very challenged.  Continue reading

Mida Creek Sundowner Dhow Ride – The Real Utamu

So much has been happening. My peoples are getting married (congratulations Ann, your wedding was just the one!), baby shower invites nearly every weekend, engagement shoots flooding my timeline etcetera etcetera. Well, I am just here sipping Dasani. This is the beauty of life. Enjoying every step of your journey, celebrating your milestones and joining your peoples when they mark theirs. We tend to compare our journey with others, yet we know that He who orchestrates all this has a grand plan for each and everyone of us. Besides, I cannot begin to think how mundane it would be if all our stories were similar. Jeez! Who would read my blog because technically then, we would all be writing? 😀

I really needed to pause (thank the heavens for off-days) for a minute and take it all in… My journey that is :). My routine this week has been eat, sleep, r̶a̶v̶e̶  sleep some more, repeat. Oh, and also trying to figure out where the days are flying to.

All that aside. Remember my visit to this amazing place in Watamu? This sundowner dhow ride was yet another one of my greatest moments down at the Coast. Our team had had a busy day and only assembled at the Turtle Bay Resort, Watamu, at around 5.00 p.m, which was actually a tad late for the sundowner. The very helpful lady at the reception lounge helped us to our waiting vans. The creek is about a 10 minutes drive away from the resort so it was a pretty short drive.

I always try to lose myself totally when travelling or trying out a new place.

IMG_7180 Continue reading