Kings Gym & Spa – A ‘Yummy For My Body’ Weekend!

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. — Jim Rohn.

And I was not about to pass up on this offer on Ticketsasa. So I called up two of my friends, bought the deal, and immediately called to schedule our appointment.

None of us had ever been to the Kings Gym & Spa  but the location was pretty straight forward and besides, that is what Google Maps is for :).
My friend had mentioned that the property looked like a castle so it was not difficult to spot. And true to her word, the expansive property (something that you cannot tell when on the outside) actually did look like a castle. The picturesque architecture is something out of the streets of Lamu.


Part of the furnished apartments…Note the Swahili architecture

I was a tad worried since I had forgotten the coupons that I had printed out days earlier. The lady at the front desk was so warm and welcoming, and did not even ask about the coupons until after we had had our massage. We had arranged to have our Swedish massages by the pool and this was very well co-ordinated. Upon changing, we headed out to the pool area as the massueses came in to do their job.


View from our treatment area by the pool

They were all very professional and the set up by the pool was sufficient. The water draining into the pool, was reminiscent of the Indian Ocean waves. We thereafter finished the treatment with a session in the steam room… and boy weren’t our bodies happy!

Kings Post Spa2

The downside, however, is that they have 2 treatment rooms which makes it a little hard if you would like to have a group treatment. Although the pool is not as big, I think it would be good for a dip during hot days.


One of the treatment rooms

It would also be nice to sample the treatment rooms so that I can make a just comparison. I am however looking forward to have my hot stone massage treatment there soon enough!


  • King’s Post is located on Rhapta Road opp Pride Inn Hotel. Catch a cab from Westlands or use private means to get there, you will have a distance to walk should you choose to use public means.
  • Should you fancy a meal after your spa treatment, you can make pre-arrangements to have them order some lunch for you.

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