Pelican Lodge – A Home Away From Home

This past weekend,  I decided to head down road A104 to spend the weekend at The Pelican Lodge, a little haven tucked away on the shores of Lk. Elementaita. I wanted to get started on my drive early enough so that I could get there on time. If you have been on the A104 Nairobi – Nakuru road, you will agree that the scenic views are simply breathtaking especially when you get to View Point, just after Limuru. The steep sides and wide plains of the Rift Valley escarpment are an awe-inspiring sight!

I was not quite sure where the lodge is located. Two hours later, and about 125 km away from home, I spotted this sign. The excitement was palpable.


On arriving at the lodge, the very helpful manager, Ann, took my lunch order and helped me check in, as Dennis helped take my bags to my suite. I had requested to have a lake-facing room and I was not disappointed. The rooms are bright and airy, and have both an indoor and an outdoor shower. Needless to say, that was the first thing I tried out after settling in.


Life’s little pleasures!

The view of my cottage from the lake's shoreline

The view of my cottage from the lake

In the morning, I had some quiet time by the lake, took breakfast and later on went for a walk round the property all the way to the lake. I was astonished when Ann mentioned that  the locals would wade across the lake to the other side. I remembered having read something on the lake being about 1m deep… Not that I would want to confirm if this is true or not.



And with that, my short weekend had come to an end. Although I never got to swim as the weather was a bit nippy (they should consider heating the pool during such times), overall, my stay at the lodge was a pleasant one. It is quite serene;  a home away from home.


  • Cottage 1-4 have the best views of the lake.
  • Meals are served À la carte.
  • Call the reception in advance to heat the water for you.

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