Just This Once

When it rains, it pours. I have a project that is due on Saturday. Thing is, not only am I feeling run-down, but I also have ZERO motivation for it… That among many other things. 😦
I get nostalgic when I remember the good old days – the ‘gotea hiyo risto‘ days.
So, just this once I want to go back to being a child. Carefree, dancing in the rain and in muddy puddles.

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That’s Life

You put in too much to something, it’s not always that the effort is reciprocated; that’s life.
You get people who are super crazy about you, you don’t feel a tad bit about them; that’s life.
You look at your friends and all seems rosy in their little world, a smile can mask a lot; that’s life.
You cry yourself to sleep because you’re thinking that that’s the toughest thing you’ve ever been through. Trust me, everyone has a story. People have been through worse; that’s life.
So here I am having coffee and mandazis thinking, this is life. It didn’t promise you happy times forever.
Cloudy days, Sunny days, make the best of them! That’s life!
Happy week people!
— Wa Ng’ang’a